Printing and packaging of personality and environmental
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With the rapid development of commodity economy, commodities increasingly colorful, modern society has to "Where the goods are required to packaging, where packaging is required printing" level. Emphasis on innovation, branding and personalization, advertising has a strong effect not only better corporate brand image display, printing and finishing technology advances diversity, the color of the product packaging is more colorful, the appearance of arbitrary, just cater to the fashion, hot pursuit of the times of personalized packaging, to meet the consumers, especially young people, consumer psychology and taste. While printing is not just the most important product packaging processing means of decoration, it also plays a transmission of information, advertise their products, which embodies the user's personality and taste of the role. For some commodities, printing security also plays an important role. Today's packaging and printing is more attractive and increase towards the direction of value-added goods.

However, some sectors have a negative phenomenon of excessive packaging, such as moon cake of excessive packaging. Even some companies to reduce prices to compete, from the cost of raw materials and accessories to find ways to purchase the poor, harmful and other printed materials are not environmentally friendly. This is entirely contrary to the low carbon economic development trend. In order to take more environmental responsibility, in order to reduce costs in order to curb vicious competition caused harm to people and the environment and pollution, packaging and printing business itself must first start.
First, the packaging design and creativity, we should try to packaging and printing industry, printing materials to guide customers to use their own color, texture and gloss, to avoid the full printing, over printing the design and use of pollution-free liquid purification technology flexible printed version, in meet the case of re-decoration required to minimize the traditional coating, laminating and other processes to use, and to minimize packaging and reduce waste after recycling the difficulty of printing, printing on the overall pollution reduction.

Secondly, in the production process, re-use of treated sewage recycling, and to all the waste ink container and all the classification, to eliminate all waste litter pollution caused by misplacing, while using fewer printed materials containing sources and accessories, such as water ink, UV ink and other requirements of the new environmentally friendly ink, the ink used in the strict checks. To develop green packaging and printing, is the circular economy in the packaging printing industry specific performance is the development of recycling economy and overall coordination of the essential requirements of sustainable development concept is to build a resource-saving society, promoting an effective measure in harmony with nature.

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