Types and application of high-grade wrapping paper printability
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Types and application of high-grade wrapping paper printability
Brilliant paper series

Features: "gorgeous" series of art paper, set after the traditional paper-making technology and modern processing technology as a whole, the paper surface abrasion, folding, and show the metallic sheen and velvet texture; The effect of color printing more glare screen after the movement. There are three lines of paper gorgeous: beautiful dot patterns, stripes and gorgeous, gorgeous silk pattern.

Usage: all kinds of colorful paper in books, pictures of the binding cover, posters, advertisements, greeting cards, invitations, fine print, senior gift boxes, wine boxes and other packaging applications have excellent performance in the results.

Color: brilliant paper standing in 11 colors: 01 white, 02 light gray, 03 m of gray, 04 ice-color, 05 Symphony dark green, 06 m white, 07 yellow, 08 blue, 09 Symphony dark blue, 10 red, 11 red beans.

Printability: (Heidelberg four-color printing) printing press with infrared or ultraviolet to drying devices; printing speed can not exceed 6000 per hour; powder particles due to increase; every 200-300 sheets of paper printed required plates separated; easy to dry by oxidation of the ink. the best selection of big Japanese ink, at least not worse than the dark ink. Plate number of the best lines between 150 and 175. Appropriate increase in pressure. Can be hot foil, die cutting, embossing.

Branded color paper (also known as hot melt paper)

Features: Color branded paper line a special art paper, color noble, smooth paper; color branded paper surface treatment, can not stamping ink or other materials to show a similar ink printing and woodcut effects, but also give the feeling of getting back to basics. Blending the pulp evenly melt the white wire, branded paper not only adds elegance gorgeous color texture, but the main feature is the paper by heat branding, when the temperature reaches 180 degrees Celsius, the white wire hot-melt began to melt, is Hot baked some darkening of paper to produce a printed result can not be replaced; hot baked good effects, stigma surrounding the fire generated, will form a very good artistic effect. Hot branded with the version available zinc plate engraving, but the large number of hot branding, and application of copperplate engraving, more durable. Branded with a hot stamping machine the machines is the general, if the delay function with a stamping machine, hot branding better.

Uses: Color branded paper loaded in the books Zhen, all kinds of packaging boxes, greeting cards and other applications are to play special effects. Greeting cards, calendars, decorative painting, book covers, ring lining, gift packaging, gift bags, paper bags, gift packaging.

Color: 02 color, 06 Beige, 07 m gray, 08 gray-green, 09 brown, 10 blue, 11 green, 12 purple, 14 mustard green, 15 red, 23 in the ash.

Environmental filling Pizhi

Characteristics: CYP parchment sufficient for today's world, popular environmental packaging paper, the paper is soft, leather feel, the surface layer, abrasion resistance, folding endurance, surface coated with environmentally friendly water-based materials.

Uses: CYP parchment charge of environmental protection is widely used in various types of books, pictures of the binding cover, girdle, senior gift boxes, wine boxes and all kinds of packaging.

Color: CYP environmental filling Pizhi currently available colors: bright red, dark red, dark blue, dark green, black, grass green. "CYP" is a registered trademark of the company a long friendship. Long Yi art paper to high-end packaging products are currently based, the paper crisp, brilliant color, and has high abrasion and water resistance of folding, the process is a combination of art and technology. CYP high quality art paper packaging products, comparable to Europe and Japan, has now become a multinational brands gift boxes, gift export packaging material of choice. CYP beautiful series of packaging art to provide dozens of different lines of paper and hundreds of colors for customers to choose, customers can also specify the patterns, colors to develop customized.

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