Handmade paper
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Handmade paper
Handmade paper known as the "indigenous" paper, is the invention of papermaking experience on behalf of the spread, not only very simple mechanical or mechanical method of handmade paper.
Handmade paper the main raw material is hemp, bark, bamboo and rice alone. Cannabis hemp, ramie, flax, blue flax, jute, etc.. Pteroceltis bark, mulberry, leather and other institutions. More types of bamboo, bamboo is the most used and affinis.
China's traditional method for making handmade paper, a set of production processes, no matter in what material, what kind of paper copy made, the basic steps are similar. The main production processes are: foam material, cooking materials, cleaning materials, drying white, playing materials, fishing paper, squeezed dry, baking paper.
Foam material, also known as dip expected, is to separate the different materials by rating, tied into small bundles, soak in the pond. Incubation time varies with the variety of raw materials, cut bamboo soaked in water after about half a month, tied bundles of straw soaked in the river generally 7 to 10 days, branches, hemp stalk of time soaking in 10 days . The purpose of soaking is to dissolve soluble contaminants in raw materials (except) to, for the manufacture of pulp and lay a good foundation.
Cooking material is an aqueous solution of alkali or lime treatment of raw materials at high temperatures, the adhesion between the fiber pectin, lignin, etc. to get rid of, so that the fibers spread out to become pulp. Cook raw material process is different with very different: boiled mulberry blisters the first 10 minutes with lime, then baked in the pan with the lime-huang for 5 days, even after removing piling fermentation. Just a little bit of lime straw cooking or pile fermentation, become pulp.
Material is to wash the slurry into the bag after cooking, after a water rinse and back and forth, the pulp mixed with ash and boiling stone and other materials washed solutes.
Bleached pulp is the true color (gray, ranging from pale yellow to brown) to white pulp. The traditional drying method is to wash the white pulp on the sunny out, the direct use of sunlight about 2 to 3 months until the pulp until the color white. Now when some of the production of handmade paper is also for bleaching using bleach, but less the amount of bleaching powder, bleaching time is also longer.
Material is used to fight human, Shueiduei, stone grinding, etc. to trace labeled mud slurry paste, the slurry of fibers in silk and broom can be woven into a sheet with a certain strength, playing a manual paper feeding operation The most onerous a process.
Fishing is also called into screens or paper papermaking. Fishing paper is to first put on paper making pulp and water tank, free to make the pulp fibers suspended in water, then lift the curtain to vote at papermaking slot, so uniformly flat on the bamboo fiber, forming a thin layer of wet sheet, and finally copied into the wet paper relocated next to the slot in the papermaking wet paper heap.
Drain is to wet sheet squeeze out excess water within, so that the wet paper with a certain intensity, in order to facilitate drying brush on paper. When the wet papermaking accumulated thousands of pages of paper, the use of press facilities, impose the appropriate pressure on the paper slowly out of the water. Must not press too much pressure, otherwise it will affect the quality of the wet sheet; press after the wet paper contains too much water and it is not, after too little to prevent the sub-paper or baking paper when exposed the loss occurred.
Also known as baking paper baking paper or drying of paper, is to use wet sheet into a dry product. Baking paper is to drain through a wet piece of paper to separate, and then drying the brush attached to the outside wall, using wall fires, heat, transfer to paper the wall of water evaporation, the dry sheet . When baking paper, bake wall surface temperature is not too high, or easily wrinkled sheet and crisp.
Comparison of many varieties of handmade paper, it is more messy, probably 200 or so. Handmade paper is divided into culture-use paper, the production of paper, sanitary paper and paper offerings of four major categories.
The handmade paper is most famous for the rice paper with brush painting and calligraphy. The handmade paper with texture, flexibility, white and smooth, fine Leveling and color durable and famous. Second, there is Daqian painting paper, painting paper and Mao Bianzhi Fengxiang, even the history of paper, jade buckle paper, certificates of compliance and culture of Korea paper. These handmade paper has a unique, often can not have a machine-made paper with some of the features.
Firecrackers in handmade paper paper, paper umbrellas, paper fans paper and unique style. Coarse material, such as Hunan, hand made paper, fireworks, not only the sound clear and sharp, and even fire ripped into small pieces after the shredded paper, falling image appearance, a larger area, in the transport, storage Shihai safer.
Manual production of ritual paper are yellow sheet of paper, a shroud of paper, offering the first paper, these products are mainly used for religious activities. China's production of export yellow paper, with a light burning in the roll when the song was, and a large block cradled the special properties of falling, which is required for religious activities.
Although the handmade paper was not used to print books, journals and other publications (excluding manuscripts), but in order for paper and paper have a more comprehensive understanding of knowledge over rough handmade paper and the main varieties of the production method is also necessary The.

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